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the oracle deck to awaken the infinite magic within you



Welcome angels to this portal. It is a grand joy to meet you here and share the magic of our creation with you. The energies of the divine feminine are awakening on our mother Gaia, the shift is happening, and we all have the opportunity to step into our grand missions on earth at this time. The awakening of the divine feminine is the remembering of our sacred hearts; a remembrance of how to connect to, listen to, live and embody a life that is guided by our hearts. The divine feminine awakening oracle cards are a tool to support, inspire, and amplify you on your journey back to your sacred heart.


The Aquarian Age is upon us and you are an essential part of birthing a new world and pioneering the golden way. 


we are god, we are goddess, we are divine

Our mission is to equip all of you earth angels on your journeys ‘back home’, back to your beautiful heart, through the divine messages and activations of the Divine Feminine Awakening oracle cards. We are here to remember ourselves as God, as Goddess, as Divine; anchoring Heaven on Earth, living in and from love and stepping into and forward as leaders of the New Earth. May this magical tool support your personal journey as you say YES to the grand work before you. Above all, may this deck remind you that all the wisdom of the universe lives within you and that you already know everything you need to know to thrive in unconditional love and abundance, you must simply connect back to the sweet whispers of your own sacred heart!


you are the divine channel
you are the light
you are a living masterpiece reflecting unconditional love
so our earth can remember herself,
so our brothers and sisters can remember themselves,
so we can all rise up in love together

Devoted to the path of the heart

This deck is a co-creation between artist Hannah Adamaszek and rose priestess Bianca Kempe. The weaving of the beauty, sensuality and intrigue of Hannah’s art and the insightful, inspiring and activating channelled messages from Bianca, creates an opportunity to quantum leap through the alchemical portals held within each oracle card. The Divine Feminine Awakening oracle cards consist of 58 cards, each with a unique message for you, activation, and guide to balance your energies, bring your life into alignment and to embody your sovereignty, mastery and leadership. The oracle cards are categorized into seven unique collections + plus nine bonus cards. Some of the collections include a suggested daily practice to amplify your ability to manifest harmonizing currents into your relationships and your life.

Seven Unique Collections + 1 Bonus

7 Goddess Cards

7 Spirit Animal Cards

7 Symbols of Power Cards

7 Plant Allie Cards

7 Star Gate Cards

7 Archetype Cards

7 Action Cards

9 Bonus Cards

How to use this deck:

There are many ways to use your Divine Feminine Awakening oracle cards; it is a creative and intuitive process that begins with initiating a relationship with the cards. The cards are categorized into seven unique collections, which can be used all together as a whole or in their collections for more specific ‘works’.

Your deck includes a priestess handbook that offers guidance on:

    1. How to create a personal connection with your deck
    2. How to care for your deck; including how to charge the deck for optimal accuracy and connection
    3. How to open a sacred space in preparation to use your deck
    4. How to do readings for others and for yourself
    5. How to do various readings including a simple one-card-reading and more elaborate spreads including 2, 3, 4, 5, and six cards
    6. 58 imagery portals, written guidance, channelled activations, an affirmation or mantra and suggested actions you can take to bring yourself back into balance and alignment with your heart
    7. Prayers, Hymns, Invocations and some more sweet magical surprises

we are here, we have come and we remember
awakening the divine feminine within us,
on earth and within all we walk with
We walk the priestess way
We carry the rose codes
We sing the song of the universe
We open our hearts to life
We are devoted to the sacred earth
We are committed to our truth
We are here
We have come

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